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Dave Clemmons College Advisory Program (DCCAP) provides consulting, mentoring, information and periodic coaching for Junior and Senior students in the areas of Theatre and Musical Theatre performance in preparation for college auditions. The team at DCCAP understands that every college is not for every student. The key to a successful match is understanding the student’s goals, personality, talent and experiences and identifying schools and programs that provide a good fit for the student. Parent involvement is essential to the success of this process. 

We first met Dave thru The Performing Arts Project two years ago, and we are extremely grateful!  We never could have navigated the prep work and the year-long audition process without his support and guidance.  He helps with every aspect:  college visits, narrowing down the list of colleges, essays, editing resumes, pre-screens, songs, monologues, clothing, auditions, and finally selecting the college that best fits the student.

His approach is very hands-on and customized for each student.  After auditioning for 17 schools from November thru February, Logan was accepted into her top four colleges Texas State, University of OK, Elon, and the Boston Conservatory. Dave was there on weekends and evenings, for last minute Skyping sessions, answering countless questions, encouraging, and propping up when needed.  He has visited and or taught at many colleges and knows most of their musical theatre directors.  The audition process is expensive, time-consuming and stressful.  His guidance helped lessen the stress and keep everyone focused on the important things.  He was always accessible and unless he was traveling, he responded within minutes.

A million thanks!  We recommend Dave with warm enthusiasm!  We could NOT have done it without him!

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​Services offered include personalized consultations on:

• assessment and review of colleges and programs
• song and monologue selection and coaching
• audition evaluation
• instruction and counsel on college applications including essay evaluation & editing