Junior Year $2000                 Senior Year $2800
Payments accepted via check or credit card thru PayPal.
*If you participate both junior and senior years, a $500.00 discount is offered for the senior year. 

Dave Clemmons College Advisory Program (DCCAP) provides consulting, mentoring, information and periodic coaching for Junior and Senior students in the areas of Theatre and Musical Theatre performance in preparation for college auditions. The team at DCCAP understands that every college is not for every student. The key to a successful match is understanding the student’s goals, personality, talent and experiences and identifying schools and programs that provide a good fit for the student. Parent involvement is essential to the success of this process. 

Each year through an audition process, we select a limited number of Junior and Senior year students to work with in preparation for their college musical theatre auditions.

This audition may be performed in person or can be conducted via Skype or other video “chat” as well as by clips on DVD or You Tube. The student will then be evaluated by the team of DCCAP. If accepted, you will be contacted for a consultation with Dave. During this consultation, you will review your goals for college, voice training, acting training, resume and financial information as it relates to college selection.