We will help students and parents understand both the application and audition process and the importance of proper planning.

Having talent, is only half of the equation for college admission. Submitting and completing the application process is the other half. In many cases, you cannot even submit a request for an audition unless your application has been submitted and the college has accepted you. DCCAP provides you with the necessary resources and organizational skills to begin preparing for this process.

Proper planning prevents poor performance!

The Junior program will last until the end of July. The Senior program begins in late August.

Updates may be conducted in-person or via internet/i-Chat or Skype. Each session will last a minimum of 30 minutes. During the months of April through June, the coaching sessions will focus heavily on college selections and how to begin to select material that will work best for the programs that are your favorites.

The Junior Year Program will begin at the top of the school year, by providing Dave Clemmons and the DCCAP team monthly updates on repertoire of both songs and monologues , as well as updates on schools and programs thatare being considered and researched. We will also monitor your progress in the study of the three disciplines (voice, dance and acting) to be sure you are moving in the right direction artistically. 

It is each student’s job to schedule these updates.

Dave and the DCCAP team will work with students to find the best song and monologue choices. We will offer advisement on both the college choices and the material. It is strongly advised that you begin to visit the campuses of their top college choice during fall and spring breaks of their junior year of high school. We will assist you in making these visits more fruitful by connecting the student with program directors, faculty and students currently attending the college being visited. 

During February and March of Junior year, each student will work with a DCCAP team member, who specializes in applications and essay writing and is well-versed in what colleges are looking for from applicants. During this time Dave Clemmons will be in peak coaching time with Senior Year Program students.