We will work with the student to “stay on task” to submit the applications and essays required of each school as well as motivate and mentor the student regarding their selections. There will be a certain amount of hours of this type of consultation included in the overall fee listed below. Should there be additional need for this sort of service beyond the included amount, it will be arranged with DCCAP staff directly on a per hour basis. 

We may recommend some additional training (voice teachers, coaches, acting teachers, SAT coaches, etc.) for specialized training in various areas. Should this be the case, we will assist you with making the arrangements. It is also important to connect with our team for direction and mentoring of the application process itself. We work closely with each student to make sure that they have developed a chart of schools complete with audition dates and requirements, as well as admission requirements. Many institutions require the student to apply and be accepted academically prior to issuing the student an audition date and time. It is imperative that applications and essays be completed as soon as possible in order to have a choice of audition date for any particular school.

Focus will then begin on the various audition requirements at your selected schools. We offer periodic and as needed personal coaching to make sure the auditions material and performances are appropriate. These coaching sessions can take place in New York, or via Skype or Video chat. While there would be no additional fee for personal coaching wherever they take place, students/families would be responsible for staff travel expenses should someone come to you. This is obviously made more economical if there are several students in one area of the country, we can then make one trip and the various parties would divide the expenses.


We will discuss material selection for the auditions as well as provide an evaluation of the marketability of the student. DCCAP provides candid feedback of the student’s performance and artistic abilities. While these sorts of conversations are sometimes difficult, it is best to have this sort of talk prior to auditions in order to prepare for the best outcome and allow for focus on schools where acceptance is most likely. The very best outcome for any student is to have options and be faced with the decision on where to attend! 


Prior to beginning of your Senior year, we will contact each student to discuss final decisions regarding potential college choices. We encourage and assist in generating a list of 8-12 schools to which students will apply. Additionally, we need to gather information about the kind of school, program and style of learning Seniors are interested in such as BFA vs. BA, conservatory vs. academic setting, large school vs. smaller liberal arts school, competitive vs. “warm and fuzzy” etc...

Due to the randomness factor inherent in college admissions and the massive applicant pool, even the most talented actors might not get into the most competitive programs. For this reason, it’s important to have a nice sized list of schools.